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Am I too old to get in shape??? Stallone’s physique transformation

Alright guys, today we’re going to answer the question “am I too old to get into shape” once and for all and who better to use as a case study than the ultimate bad @ss old f*cker of all time, Sylvester Stallone???

So, it’s 1970, Stallone is 24 years old, an unknown actor and the only role he can get is in the soft core porn film “Party at Kitty and Studs” . . . don’t judge, a lot of mainstream actors got their start in soft core

I remember reading an interview with Jean Claude Van Damme where he said his first acting job was in a French film where he played “a gay Karate guy” . . . at least Sly wasn’t doing gay for pay

Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand, I would like to point out that, according to society, at 24 years old, Sly should be in the best shape of his life

According to society, mid twenties is the prime of life and everything just goes downhill from there, especially physically, but according to MODERN society, most people peak in high school, so he’s actually over the hill by more than a half decade by this time

Either way, he was very young in this role so he should be in his all time best shape, but I’m not impressed, nor was he impressed with himself — he doesn’t have much muscle to speak of and although he wasn’t “fat”, he didn’t have much muscle tone or definition to display, either . . .

In my opinion, Stallone was never really in shape until Rocky 3 and, whenever I say he wasn’t in shape in the first two Rocky movies, a lot of people call me out, saying he was “in pretty good shape”

Ok, while I admit he certainly wasn’t “in bad shape” in these movies, he wasn’t anything near the physical specimen he was from Rocky 3 onward.

I mean, he had a decent amount of muscle and wasn’t obese, but aside from looking marginally athletic, is there anything that would turn a head if he was seen in public?

Is there anybody reading this who doesn’t know anybody in this kind of shape?

Would anyone have a hard time believing that a person could get in this kind of shape?

NOTE — At 30 years old he was already what society considers “over the hill” or “beyond improvement” by the time he made the first Rocky movie, but he was still 9 YEARS from being in what I personally call his best form in 1985 for Rocky 4 and Rambo 2!!!

It took Stallone until 1982 to finally become the physical icon we all know him as — at 36 years old!!!

According to his book “Sly Moves”, he was his leanest ever and the IFBB, the International Federation of Body Building named him “The Body of the 80s” for his Rocky 3 physique!

He wasn’t as “unhealthily lean” in Rocky 4 and Rambo 2 as he was three years earlier in Rocky 3, but therefore was a little more muscular, giving him what I believe to be the perfect mix of muscle size and definition.

Although he has certainly gotten bigger since then, in my opinion the Rocky 4 physique was Stallone’s best ever

At 42 years old Stallone was his biggest to date in Rambo 3, but still ripped!

A lot of people consider this to be his all time greatest form, but, like I said, I find it a little too big for my taste

At 47 years old he was big, ripped and athletic — doing his own stunts, climbing and jumping through the mountains and, according to his book, he had the best leg development of his life when training for this film

At 51 years of age, Stallone decided to do “a real movie”, playing the role of a mentally slow, physically slow, doughnut eating, coffee drinking small town cop

Although the production crew told him they could make him into a fat guy through the use of fat suits, prosthetics, makeup and the like, Sly decided he wanted to BECOME a fat guy, to LIVE LIKE a fat guy, just like he lived like and became a commando or champion boxer for the Rocky and Rambo movies

At first it was a blast, waking up in the morning and eating like a pig instead of waking up and running off to the “first” workout of the day . . . then he got acid reflux, sleep apnea and all the other side effects of being medically obese

NOTE — Although most 50 year olds would say they simply can’t get back in shape “at that age”, Stallone lost 40 pounds in 60 days when he got back on a diet and workout program after shooting was completed — AT 51 YEARS OLD!!!

Yeah, he was once in great shape so he had “muscle memory” and that helped him lose so much so quick, but you don’t have to get as ripped as he is, nor do you have to do it in two months!

54 years old and he more than bounced back from his worst shape ever in Cop Land to look incredible at any age in a tank top

66 years old and he STILL looks like the kind of guy who would scare the sh*t out of a 20 year old football player if he chased him down a dark alley!

Unlike most actors who transition into the godfather type roles as they age where you’re afraid this powerful man might send one of his goons after you, the look of this old man has you more terrified he might get up and beat your @ss himself!!!

Well, that’s it for today.  I haven’t even gotten into The Expendables franchise, the action movies he’s currently starring in and I don’t think I have to because if you haven’t realized yet that age is nothing more than an excuse to not diet and train and get into the best shape you can, you’ll either never realize it or, more likely, you DON’T WANT TO realize it!!!

You see, there are two kinds of people who will read this.

The first kind will be fired up and inspired by what is possible and look for a way to get those results for themselves . . .

The second kind will say “STEROIDS” and go back to eating ho-ho’s while sitting on a couch in their mama’s basement!

Self improvement or self pity — the choice is yours!!!

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Until next time, train hard and diet smart!


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