Don't WASTE thousands of Dollars and years of your life learning a martial art that will get you KILLED on the street!!

Fact #1--Any fight on the street is a street fight.
Self defense as it is currently being taught is less
than worthless when your back is to the wall.

Fact #2--In a street fight, trophies, medals and

black belts are worthless. All that matters is the answer to one question: Can you smash the guy(s) standing in front of you or can't you?
That is, after all the bottom line, isn’t it?

Can you fight or can’t you?

Most people learn martial arts or combat sports and think it will help them on the streets.

They go to the local strip mall martial arts school with the highest ranking “master” or the most trophies in the store front window and tell the instructor that they want to learn to defend themselves against street violence.

Well, ya know what?

Art is what you brought home from kindergarten for your mama to hang on the refrigerator and sport is what your boss thinks he’s doing when he cuts out of work early to hit the golf course.

If you want to learn to survive on the
streets, forget about the arts & crafts, the fun & games and


Let’s face it:

If you have a cold, you don’t go to a layer.

If your toilet is clogged, you don’t call a car mechanic.

So why the hell is it that everyone who wants to learn how to fight and win on the mean streets seems to go to a strip-mall karate school and gets training from some paper tiger who hasn’t been in a fight since someone stole his lunch money in the third grade?

Remember, all fights on the street are street fights . . .

My name is Christopher Roberts, but my friends call me “Bob.”

I was a soldier in the US Army who moved to Europe and ended-up “working the door” (yeah, being a bouncer) in some of the roughest discos in Germany.

Discos that saw a lot of other bouncers get hurt –bad!

Like a friend of mine, an excellent amateur boxer who was hospitalized after being beaten to the ground and kicked into a bloody pulp by four men . . .

Like another ex-soldier, a Russian who saw combat while in the former USSR who was beaten so badly that he is now partially deaf and blind in one eye . . .

I’ve seen things go from bad to worse and know what will and what won’t work when your back is to the wall!

In the past several years I’ve also trained hundreds of men and women to defend themselves.

To look someone in the eyes and smash and crush the most vital points of his body without hesitation!

People can and do say a lot of bad things about me.

That I’m too violent . . .

That I’m too brutal . . .

That I train people to hurt, cripple and kill . . .

Well, I’ll tell you something that nobody ever could, did or would say that I don’t do:

If someone learns what I have to offer,
he or she will become the type of
“victim” that strikes fear into the very
soul of a human predator . . .

. . . the rare “victim” who is willing and
able to kill or cripple the person or
persons trying to mug, rape or murder
him or her!

Brutally, directly and without

How is that?

How can I say that I am capable of teaching you how to survive an encounter with a mugger, rapist or bar-brawler after telling you how ineffective martial arts and combat sports are?


You see, there are certain techniques that every decent street fighter is familiar with and agrees work.

They aren’t complicated and you don’t need lots of practice to use them effectively because they are based on brutality and directness instead of fitness and finesse.

I’ve created a four-video series that will take anyone, regardless of his or her age, background, experience, gender or fitness level and give him or her immediate proficiency in the four most dangerous and effective methods that experienced street fighters and bouncers use to leave would-be attackers battered, bleeding and beaten-down.
Video 1 — The Headbut
PROPER TARGET AREA — Targeting the proper area on an aggressor will result in an immediate knockout, cause his eyes to swell shut, make breathing through the nose or mouth impossible and leave a would-be attacker a bloody mess. Not knowing where to attack or targeting the wrong area will do nothing more than make him angry and possibly hurt yourself.

PROPER STRIKING SURFACE — Many people claim that the headbutt will cause you as much damage as your opponent. True, you can injure yourself by using the headbutt, but only if you don’t understand the proper surface of your head to strike with!

PROPER BODY MECHANICS — Without proper delivery, no strike will have the complete power that can be achieved. Proper body mechanics with the headbutt are especially important because improper delivery will often result in damage to yourself.

SETTING UP THE HEADBUTT — There are numerous ways to use your hands and arms to set up a headbutt, which will allow you to find and hit your target even when your vision is impaired by combat stress, extreme close-quarters or darkness, not to mention that having your hands on your opponent before and during the execution of the headbutt will prepare you to deliver follow-up attacks. All of these concepts are clearly explained and demonstrated in this section.

HEADBUTT DEFENSE — It is much easier to defend against a headbutt and even damage your attacker in the process than you think — if you know how!

BUMPING — A “true” headbutt is a devastating, fight-ending blow. Unfortunately, not every situation will allow for a proper headbutt, which is where bumping comes into play. For the brutality of extremely close-quarters fighting, different body mechanics, striking surfaces and target areas are required, which will allow you to create fear- and panic-inducing cuts that will obstruct an aggressor’s vision and, when coupled with the information in the video on tearing skin and flesh, will allow you to produce extremely large cuts and very heavy bleeding on anyone foolish enough to attempt to close the distance with you.
Video 2 — Eye Gouges and Grabs
THE ANATOMY OF THE EYE AND SKULL — The main function of the skull is to protect the delicate organs in it (brain, eyes, etc.) and to keep everything in the right place. By explaining the anatomy of the eyes and the area of the skull surrounding them, I will show you exactly how to aim your gouges and grabs to bypass those defenses and cause the greatest possible injury to the weakest points of the eyes.

PROPER FINGER POSITION — All eye gouges are not the same. Truly effective eye gouging and grabbing is dependent upon knowing the proper areas of the fingers and thumbs to apply pressure with and the optimal hand and finger positions to use.

TARGETING EYE GOUGES AND GRABS — You may already realize that simply pointing your finger and “poking someone in the eye” like children do when fighting isn’t exactly the best method of damaging, or even hitting the eyes. In this video you will learn how to use simple anatomical principles to easily gouge or grab the right points of the eyes in every range, from every distance, in every direction, in every situation–regardless of the effects of low-visibility or combat stress that you may be fighting under.

LOCKING-IN THE HEAD — Merely pressing your fingers against an aggressor’s eyes like most “masters” show in magazines and other videos will only result in him pushing or pulling your hands away and beating your into a bloody pulp. For effective eye grabs, you need to know how to lock your arms around an attacker’s head, so that the harder he tries to push you away, the more painful and damaging your eye grab becomes.
Video 3 — Biting
WHERE TO BITE — Although this question can be answered quite simply with: “Anywhere you can!” which is true and effective as a last resort, the most extreme pain, damage and horrifying psychological effect can only be achieved when you know which areas of the human body to target. This segment will not only explain which areas to attack with bites, but exactly which points within those areas to specifically target, what effects biting to those points cause and why.

THE TECHNIQUE OF PROPER BITING — Everyone thinks that they know how to bite and that is true to an extent, but to do the most physical and psychological damage to an attacker, you need to follow the steps that are explained in this video.

THE MYTH OF INFECTION — Although possible, it is very unlikely that you will be infected with a disease from biting someone. How extremely unlikely that is will become instantly obvious to you after I compare the risks of biting to the experiences that people have had with becoming infected as a result of using some typical “safe” fighting techniques that are more commonly taught.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BITING — Biting in self defense is as much, if not more of a psychologically damaging attack as it is a physically damaging one. Learning not only how and where to bite, but also learning what mind-set to have when biting in self defense will take your street survival abilities to the next level.
Video 4 — BONUS
Tearing Skin and Flesh
WARNING — The techniques in this video are totally unnecessary and overly violent.

What this video teaches borders on sadistic and sick, but I’ve decided to include these techniques anyway . . .

My reasoning is simple. Most people simply don’t have the experience to realize what can actually happen in a street fight with an experienced criminal. That is why the average citizen either ignores the need to learn to fight and survive on the streets or thinks that 2-3 Tae Bo lessens suffice. Well, suffice to say, that doesn’t suffice . . .

Simply by watching this video, even if you never actually use what you see (and believe me, you’ll hope that you never will) you will at least realize the extent to which a criminal can and will go to not just cause you pain, but to cause permanent physical and psychological scarring as well.

Hopefully this video will at least function as a reality check that will inspire you to take your self-protection more seriously.

​Take a cut and make it into a gash.

Use the environment to rip open skin.

Cause the damage done by elbows, headbutts and forearms to go from fight-ending to permanently scarring.

As if you were my private student . . .

Now, because I’m sending this information out to you in the form of four separate Windows Media Viewer (WMV) videos, you’ll be getting the same training that was previously only available to my private and small group students.

Watching every lessen from the point of view of my cameraman, you’ll get exactly the same explanations and demonstrations of each and every movement down to the finest detail, as if you were my private student, learning the most basic to the finest points of these four lifesaving weapons.
Download today and survive tomorrow . . .

You never know when or where you’ll have to defend yourself or someone you love. That’s why I don’t want you to have to wait for DVD’s in the mail to arrive to start training. I want you to start training now — right now! As soon as your payment is processed by Paypal, the world’s best-known and most trusted online payment processing company, you’ll immediately be sent to a download page where you can download the four videos onto your computer in a matter of minutes.

Remember–I have chosen to teach four street fighting concepts that are based on directness and brutality, not technique, finesse or strength.

Watch the videos and go through the motions slowly with your spouse or neighbor a few times and you’ll understand them enough to use them without thinking and to devastating effect.

These techniques really are that easy
and fast to learn and use, or when
was the last time that you saw some
Hells Angels guys in the local Mc
Dojo, headbutting and biting the heavy
bag or focus mitts?

If nothing else, these videos will give you peace of mind.

By knowing how easy it is to smash another person, you’ll walk with an inner confidence that others will notice and anyone who knows his stuff will tell you that a person who walks without fear is generally avoided by those who prey upon the weak.

This training has proven to be priceless to those former students of mine who actually had to use what they learned when their lives really depended upon it, but I’m letting you have these four lessens for much less than they paid for their live training.

For a one-time investment of only $47, you’ll receive complete training in the most simple, brutal and effective street fighting techniques that violent criminals are counting on you NOT knowing!

You may pay with credit card or Paypal, whichever you choose.

Should you have any questions, comments or problems at all, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at:

Bob ( at ) Self Defense Street Fighting .com